Knowing what your goals for education are is a useful first step in choosing the right course. You may want to gain a qualification to improve your career opportunities. Others study for leisure or personal development.

Studying for career advancement?

If you know which career area you want to gain qualifications in, you may wish to check the career entry requirements at CareersPortal. The course information page will help you research how to gain the required qualifications.

If you have not yet made a career choice, the “what job would you like to do?” section will help you assess your career interests.

Studying for leisure or personal development?

You may have subjects in mind or you may wish to browse what is on offer. Have a look at the course information page for suggestions on researching courses.

Course Questions

When you have decided your educational goals you may wish to review this checklist of questions and the course information section to help you gather the essential course information.