Self employment may be an especially worthwhile option for adults who are returning to the workforce or considering a change of career. Working for yourself rather than working as an employee may better allow you to contribute and build on the full variety of skills, work and life experiences you have gained in your life so far.

If you are interested in setting up your own business the following is a list of support services and information sources to help you get started.

Local Enterprise Offices should be your first stop if you are interested in self employment. They represent the principal government sponsored support for people interested in self employment. They offer a range of supports which may include information on the full range of supports available to you, advice on the requirements for setting up your own business, training, financial supports and mentoring.

Area Based Partnerships promote social inclusion through the development of disadvantaged areas and communities. They are located in, owned and run in the local community. They provide support for people interested in self employment which may include advice on developing business plans and financial supports.