The location of possible job opportunities is a major part of the decision making process in considering your choice of career, particularly if family members or friends will be affected by the decision. If job or promotion opportunities for the career you have chosen are not available locally then you will need to consider commuting long distances or relocating to another area in the country or possibly abroad.

If it is necessary to relocate you will need to research housing, access to services such as education and transport and the facilities available which meet your needs. If your future career involves moving abroad there are many other aspects such as a different climate and health issues, a new language and a different culture that you may have to adapt to. On the positive side it may be a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to learn a new language and experience a different culture.

The National Employment Rights Authority deals with many aspects of employment rights including working hours, wages, holiday entitlements and other benefits.  Information on terms and conditions of employment can also be found on the Citizens Information website.

Culture/ ethos of the organisation, refers to the type of environment you could be working in e.g.

  • How people communicate with each other
  • What is acceptable and what is not
  • What behaviour and actions are encouraged or discouraged

A strong culture is where there is teamwork, agreement, loyalty, good communication and sensitivity to the needs of customers and employees.  If these values are important to you in your workplace it is important to research the ethos of the organisation before you accept an appointment there.

This is also an area which needs to be researched prior to applying for a position in any organisation. Some companies offer on the job training or they pay for further education and training that you may be interested in which will allow you greater opportunity for promotion and movement to different roles. There is greater opportunity for promotion in larger organisations both within the workplace itself and the broader organisation nationwide or worldwide. On the other hand working in a small company you get experience of all aspects of the business. is the national online directory of childcare providers in Ireland.  If you are looking for a nursery for your baby or playschool for your toddler then you will find a list of both community and private crèches on this site.  It also has a good section on ‘What to look for on your first visit to a childcare facility’.
Many organisations now require prospective employees to take an independent medical examination before they take up employment, therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important if you are planning to enter the jobs market.

When you are in employment, work can influence health positively or negatively. For most people work is essential for economic, social, physical and mental wellbeing and a good working environment has the potential to make people feel better and to help increase their sense of wellbeing. There are many aspects of work that affect people’s health.

  • Shift work and night work (can lead to sleep deficiency, digestive problems, drug or alcohol abuse and stress on relationships)
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Noise causing induced hearing loss
  • Toxic hazards
  • Stress
  • Bullying

The Health and Safety Authority is the national body in Ireland with responsibility for securing health and safety at work.  It covers every type of workplace and every kind of work in the public and private sectors from workplaces with just one worker to companies with thousands of employees nationwide.  As well as their website they also provide an information service on workplace health and safety during working hours.

Many organisations also have an Employee Assistance Programme usually provided by an external health provider, and they deal with issues such as stress, addiction, family problems, depression, bereavement, housing difficulties, money worries, legal issues etc.

For most people juggling the demands of career and personal life is an ongoing and stressful challenge. With so many demands on your time, from overtime to self development to family obligations it can be difficult to get the work life balance right. You may need to find a job that suits your lifestyle. The important thing is to make time for those aspects of your life that are most important to you. To manage this:

  • You should consider working flexi hours, job sharing or working from home.
  • Do not bring work home.
  • Learn to say NO.
  • Manage your time – if necessary take a course in time management.
  • Eat healthily and get enough sleep and exercise.